Thursday, April 9, 2020

Working from Home

Welcome. This is my blog. Enjoy.

I wanted to jump on here and share some advice I shared with a friend today. I am familiar with working from home as are many women in the blogosphere. I have a home office and work in sales, so my job consists of doing paperwork and follow up work in the home office, but going out into the community and meeting with "clients."
I'm not going to say anything revolutionary but I think it's something that needs to be said. Especially for those NOT used to working from home (if you are privileged enough to be able to do this).
This is taken directly from the email I sent to her:

I will make one suggestion if I can about working from home. Working from home is NOT working in the office. Please don't expect to work from 8-4/5 straight. When you are in the office, you most likely engage in "water cooler chat",  or popping a head over a cubicle to ask a question. You get up and use the bathroom. I know you also work by driving from place to place, so that's time that you are "working" but also are "not on" (as I refer to sometimes in sales). These are all things that you don't have the option to do now that you are working from home. Hopefully that helps? It's ok, if you get up and sit outside on the patio. It's ok if you go for a walk. It's ok if you zone out, or have the TV on in the background. Locking yourself in a home office for 8 hours is not good, nor productive. Also setting up a home office in a dining room is also not good for a family/home dynamic. Set aside time at the beginning of your day and end (inside of your 8 hours), to put out your work stuff and clear up your work stuff. I hope that advice helps even a little.

I share this with those who want it. I shared it with my husband who is also now working from home...and NOT used to it at all. I will also ask that you have honest conversations with your family, your peers, and your boss. Share your struggles, share your successes, share your tips, and share your wins.

I shared my challenges with anxiety earlier this year. That has also kept me from posting on here. I'm not saying now I'm better and it's going to change. I'm saying that I think this is advice someone might need right now, so I'm sharing it now.

I hope you are well, and staying safe. See you soon.