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I'll Be Your Frame for All Seasons

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I'll Be Your Frame for All Seasons

Please. Feel free to sing the title of this post to the tune of "A Girl for All Seasons" sung by Michelle Pfieffer and the ensemble female cast of Grease 2.  Which I love that movie and like it better than the first Grease (#fightme #sorrynotsorry #dont@mecauseidontcare).

Anyway, for those who stayed. Hello!

I'm sharing something that I've started implementing in my home and I think it helps with decorating. I mean, I think it helps. Hopefully it helps you.

I feel this would be good for someone who enjoys switching things up, or maybe likes decorating for the holidays, or maybe someone who is a lazy decorator (such as myself).

Decorating my house has been on my list of things to do for, 6 years now. I'm not talking throwing some pictures up on the wall, and some knick knacks on the shelves. I'm talking full on HGTV decorating. But, I'm not there yet.

I'm at the "pictures on the walls" and "knick knacks on the shelf" phase. But I do try to keep the shelves neutral, where I only need to swap one or two things to mark the changing of the seasons. This tip has come in handy for that.

The trick is simple and could easily be done with frames you already have and with photos from your phone. You can use your printer (if you have one) or send the photos to your favorite print company.  My friend Lisa posts all the time about free 8x10 prints at Walgreens, so it could be inexpensive too. Her blog Drugstore Divas is awesome and I would suggest following there for the free 8x10 among many other things!


Start with the frame. Choose something that matches other decor in your home, or one that fills your space if you are hanging it on the wall. My suggestion would be to get a frame for photos that can easily be swapped. The ones with fasteners (clips) that turn to hold the back in place are some of the best.

The fastener I was talking about. This will make swapping photos really easy.

Next decide your subject.  Will it be your children, pets, family, a favorite location? Choose something you want to share with people who visit your home.

Then decide how often you want to change the picture. Two photos would probably be sufficient. One for all the time and one for the holiday time. But, I would recommend five photos.

I say five because if you are going to switch for seasonality, I would suggest these photo themes:

  1. Spring-choose photos that were either taken in the Spring, remind you of Spring, or have "spring" colors. But also make sure it fits your decor to that time of year.
  2. Summer-choose beach or lake photos, vacation photos, something that again, reminds you of summer. Do you go somewhere every Summer? Use those photos!
  3. Fall/Halloween-again, choose photos that represent that time of year? Pumpkins, apple picking, Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving Dinners, whatever!
  4. Christmas-or any Holiday from after Thanksgiving through the new year-whatever this time of year represents, use those photos.
  5. Winter-Maybe winter jackets and snow, perhaps fireplace and flannel, whatever cozy winter means to you, do that!

I realized while writing this and going through photos of my husband and myself, I don't have any photos of us from Christmas. I think it's because we usually are taking pictures of the kids, so this year my goal is to get a photo of just the two of us.
When choosing photos keep the subject in mind (if it's your children or family make sure the 2-5 photos have those family members in it), also keep in mind that colors could dictate where a picture is placed more than the time of year.

For example, your family all dressed in red would make a great Christmas photo, similarly a photo with oranges and browns could be used for the Fall. If it makes sense to you, it makes sense for your decor!

Finally, print out ALL of the photos and place them in the frame with the current theme in front. BOOM DONE! That's it, now all you have to do is swap them out when you're changing up other decor.

I labeled the photos on the back based on when I want to use the photos.

The other photos LIVE in the frame so they are readily available to swap and should be fairly easy to access, if you've chosen the right frame.

I hope this helps your decorating journey.  I would be really interested in hearing what other suggestions you all have for wall decorating.  I have a great idea to share when Christmas comes around so keep an eye here for that!

Until then, have a great week and I'll be back next Wednesday!


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