Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Just A Small Note...

Welcome. This is my blog. Enjoy.

Just A Small Note...

I didn't write last week...and I'm not really going to write this week. My anxiety has gotten the best of me and...I'm struggling? Floundering? Feeling some kind of way about things? Can't put thoughts together or feelings into words because my feelings are overwhelming so I'm kind of just...doing things I should be doing to get out of this thing that is going on.

I'm doing the guided meditation...and a little yoga...maybe I'll write a post next week about some of things I'm doing to do better...feel more like myself.

But I didn't feel right not writing something this week...when I've just started this thing...and I didn't write last week. A small note.

Be kind to people. Be cool. See you next week.


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